Targeted Life Science Marketing

Sci7 puts companies selling to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical professionals in touch with their customers.

Sci7 Ltd provides targeted e-mail address lists for the life science sector extracted from a pool of ~2 million active commercial and academic scientists from across the world. Lists can be produced in response to a search term or phrase, are typically gene, disease, molecule or technique specific and can be localised as required.

New Product?
Contact your new customers…

  • Developed a new assay?
  • Launching a new website?
  • Added a new product line to your catalogue?

Sci7 can put you in touch with your potential new customers.

Conference Promotion
Locate your delegates …

Sci7 is able to leverage the information at its disposal to ensure all those active in the field relating to the conference you are organising are receiving your promotional materials.

How can we work for you?

Tell us about your organisation’s biomarketing requirements, and we will develop a tailored proposal.

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Pricing - We can negotiate a tariff that suits your needs.

Before purchasing Sci7 will conduct a free search of the database and report the number of addresses available for each of your search terms. Search terms may be “Broad Matched” on request to widen the scope of the search.

£240 per thousand - single use
£410 per thousand - up to three uses within 12 months
Prices are for named individuals.

The lists are of very high quality, featuring only active scientists in a particular area and cover academic and commercial researchers from across the world. User feedback has been excellent, both on the quality of the lists, and on their positive effect on business.

Our database is derived from a wide range of bioinformatic and publications data sources and includes recipients of funding from institutions such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The US Department of Health and Human Services awards grants annually to the value of $239 billion, we can provide access to many of those who have the responsibility for making purchasing decisions in respect of that funding. Our database also contains the contact details of many individuals involved in conducting clinical trials.

Example list sizes
Keyword Number of Addresses
Gene Names TRIF 171
TLR2 127
Wider Terms Inhibitory RNA 1 161
Cell Cycle 20 607
Crystallography 5 487

Further examples of groups Sci7 has the ability to enable you to contact:

  • Recipients of 100 000 US Government Grants.
  • 10 000 UK NHS Researchers.
  • 135 000 USA academic researchers.
  • More than 20 000 active cancer researchers.

Scientific staff working in specific companies or institutions can be targeted and lists can also be limited geographically. Sci7 can also focus lists on scientists active in a specific time period which is of particular value with broad search terms. Merged lists based on multiple keywords can also be created.


  • Gene / Disease / Technique specific distribution lists
  • Integration of Sci7’s technology into existing workflow and systems

Lists are generally provided for a single use only, usage is subject to our standard agreement.

Subscriptions for online database access can be provided, pricing depends on the level of restricted access agreed, and the period initially committed too. Quotas on list size, number of searches and number of addresses retrieved can all be negotiated depending on your needs.

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